Luxene Beauty is a premier beauty brand offering beauty devices and products that will help you look and feel more beautiful from head to toe. Skin imperfections can show up anywhere, and our goal is to give you glowing healthy skin everywhere on your body.

“My focus, and now the focus of Luxene Beauty, is on helping women of all ages feel good in their skin. I created the FIRMAGLOW Body tool so that all women (and men) can get the results of an effective microdermabrasion body treatment at home, without spending hours at the spa and without breaking their bank account.”


three women holding the firmaglow exfoliating tool

Who We Are

We are a result-driven company! It’s important to us to provide effective beauty tools and products that are designed to enhance individual skin health. We want every person to look and feel more beautiful and comfortable in their skin.

Taking care of your body and anti-aging has become very important in today’s world. That’s why Luxene Beauty is providing innovative solutions to softer, smoother, glowing skin from head to toe.

older woman wearing black using the FirmaGlow exfoliator tool for anti aging

Our Mission

Our mission is to help every person age with grace and beauty and to feel the confidence that comes with it. Luxene Beauty is dedicated to you and your skin. Each of our beauty tools or products are developed to deliver results. Quality and effectiveness are part of everything we do. We’re doing more than just filling a hole in the market; we’re giving people back their glow. We want you to feel good with the skin you’re in.